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The Power of Trust: it's not just the title of Sandra Sucher's latest book

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Today on the Take on Board podcast, Helga is speaking with Sandra Sucher about trust between boards and the people they govern.

Sandra is an internationally recognized trust researcher and professor of management practice at Harvard Business School. She studies how organizations build trust and the vital role leaders play in the process. Before joining Harvard, she was a business executive for 20 years, served on corporate and nonprofit boards, and has been Chair of the Better Business Bureau. An advisor to the Edelman Trust Barometer, her research has been featured in several national publications.

Sandra is the author of The Power of Trust How Companies Build It, Lose It, Regain It – and a shoutout to Alice Fung for sharing this book with the Take on Board community recently and prompting me to reach out to Sandra to have this discussion. And thank you Sandra for taking the call!

And big news - Helga is starting a Take on Board Book Club! You can find all the details here. This book is just the beginning!

Contact Sandra or find out more about her:
Harvard Business School: https://www.hbs.edu/faculty/Pages/profile.aspx?facId=6610

Resources mentioned in this episode:
The Power of Trust : How Companies Build It, Lose It, Regain It by Sandra Sucher and Shalene Gupta - https://www.booktopia.com.au/the-power-of-trust-sandra-j-sucher/book/9781541756670.html

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