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Working hard on your soft skills with Leah Mether

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Episode notes

Today on the Take on Board podcast, Helga is speaking to Leah Mether about communication! The foundations that underpin effective communication. Why soft skills are the new hard. Leah is on the board of Fertility Matters and has previously been on the boards of Hill End Football Netball Club, and, as she says, on "lots" of committees - school council, kinder president, playgroup president, Women in Gippsland, Auskick - just to name some. Leah is a communication and soft skills specialist, obsessed with making the 'people part' of leadership and work life easier. She is a speaker, trainer, facilitator, mentor, and author of the book Soft is the New Hard: How to Communicate Effectively Under Pressure. This chat has come about through an introduction by Corrinne Armour, where they both happened to call Corrinne at the same time, about the same thing, and Corrinne connected Helga and Leah on the same call. As women who love to connect, we love how this happened and how it brings us to today. Contact Leah or find out more about her: https://www.leahmether.com.au/ Resources Mentioned in this episode: Soft is the New Hard: How to Communicate Effectively Under Pressure https://www.leahmether.com.au/product/soft-is-the-new-hard/ FOR MORE INFORMATION: Board Accelerator 2021: https://www.trybooking.com/BLWWY) Join the Take on Board community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TakeOnBoard/ Follow along on Twitter: @TakeOnBoard For more information about Helga Svendsen: https://www.helgasvendsen.com.au/ Interested in working with Helga? https://www.helgasvendsen.com.au/workwithme Contact Helga: [email protected]