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How can a justice system allow an innocent man to remain in prison?
Bone Valley explores that maddening question and so much more.

What a thrill to conclude our series on WRONGFUL CONVICTIONS today with Gilbert King, the host of my favorite podcast this year, BONE VALLEY. Gilbert is also the Pulitzer prize-winning author of Devil in the Grove. HE has written two other NYT best-selling books and his work covers race, crime, and justice in America.

If you have already listened to BoneValley then you’ll leave hearing some of Gilbert’s behind-the-scenes discussion about the making of the show, and if you have not yet listened then you’ll also love hearing his passion and conviction for this nearly unbelievable story.

IN 1987, 18-year-old Michelle Schofield was found dead in a phosphate pit in Florida. Two years later, her husband Leo was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Fifteen years later, previously unidentified fingerprints matched Jeremy Scott--a violent teenager who lived nearby. Jeremy has since confessed to Michelle’s murder. Yet Leo Schofield remains behind bars.

+ Learn more about Gilbert’s work, including his three books, here.
+ Follow him on twitter: https://twitter.com/gilbert_king
+ Sign the petition to have Leo’s case reviewed by the Conviction Integrity unit for an
independent review. ​​https://www.change.org/p/transfer-leo-schofield-s-case-to-a-

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