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Life in a Cult and a Devastating Diagnosis - Uncut with Megan Marx

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Episode notes

Hey lifers!

Today we are joined by the wonderful Megan Marx!
We could have done an episode for each of the really interesting parts of Megan's life.
She grew up in a cult, was married at 18 and divorced in her early 20s. 
She was one of the first bisexual people we ever saw on our screens in Australia & it wasn't exactly smooth sailing.
Megan also speaks about being diagnosed with spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA6), a rare inherited neurological condition that progressively affects movement. She talks about being hyper aware of her own mortality and how the diagnosis has changed the way she lives her life. Megan speaks about the different considerations she now has when she dates, and how she felt explaining the diagnosis to the people she donated her eggs to. 

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