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Everything You've Ever Wanted to Ask The World's Biggest Pornstar! Uncut with Angela White

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Episode notes

Lifers, today's episode was wildly entertaining and so much fun!
We got to sit down with one of the world's most successful porn stars, Angela White! And she's home grown!

We spoke about Angela's first experiences in the porn industry and how it impacted her education in gender studies.

We chat:

  • If orgasms are real in porn
  • Boundaries in sex work
  • The 'rules' in porn
  • How to give blow jobs, dirty talk and start back door experiences
  • Adult entertainment terminology - dp, tp and air tight (don't worry we didn't know what they were either)¬†
  • OnlyFans and whether the money is as lucrative as we think
  • Angela's most viral moment

You can find more of Angela on her Instagram where she has nearly 10 million followers!

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