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What You're Doing To 'Fix' Your Anxiety Could Be Making It Worse - Uncut with Anna the Anxiety Coach

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Episode notes

Hey Lifers!

Today we are joined by the wonderful Anna the Anxiety Coach

We’ve spoken about anxiety loads of times before but not in this way.
This conversation focused a lot more on the physiological side of anxiety and how we need to use a range of different things to combat the stress of our everyday lives.

We speak about:

  • The things that people commonly do to try and reduce their stress or anxiety, and how they can actually exacerbate it
  • Talk therapy is a bandaid, not a solution
  • Personality types that were more likely to develop anxiety
  • Whether anxiety is a product of nature or nurture

We also spoke about anxiety throughout different life stages, anxiety developing in kids, whether that be us as kids or in our kids now and whether it actually helps if you can identify the cause or trigger of where your anxiety came from.

You can find more from Anna's website and grab her book The Vagus Nerve Reset

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