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ASK UNCUT - The best friend, and the man who made his ex girlfriend watch

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Episode notes

Hey Lifers!
Today's episode is a little unhinged...

Producer Keeshia is filling in for Britt and we simply couldn't not address the girlfriend in the room watching you with her best friend. If you haven't seen MAFS this week, a very twisted retribution attempt was confessed about a past relationship & over coming infidelity. 
We have many thoughts...

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Then we jump into your questions!
-My partner sees a female barber (this is fine), however she lives 30+ mins away, works from her house, wears skimpy aprons and gave him chocolates for Christmas. She also gave him a game to try recently… He sees her every 3 weeks and the last time he went, he shaved EVERYTHING. I’ve expressed my concerns and he said that I’m being insecure. Am I being insecure or is this weird?

-Can you ever put conditions on an engagement? One of my close friends (male) wants to propose to his long term girlfriend. They are in their late 20s. She has never got her driving licence. There is no trauma/history around driving preventing her getting it. She just never learnt to drive as everyone drives her around. He drives her to all her uni exams, appointments etc. Friends drive her to all events. I know it does upset him as it can be a burden to always be the driver. There are no other relationship issues. He has asked me if it’s ok to bring up with her that he will only propose if she gets her licence. I am SO unsettled by this. I cannot work out if it is ok to put this condition on someone. Any advice?

-My husband of 6 years and I have two beautiful boys aged 5 & 3. We always said we wanted 3 kids. Our perspective did change a little after our second as he was a handful. Now that they’re a little older I’m getting clucky again; except my husband is very adamant that he’s done having kids! I guess I just don’t know how to move past this feeling of having another baby. I’ve been thinking about it every day for a good 6 months I’d say. I know that if my husband isn’t on board then it is what it is- but how do I move past this feeling?

-My recent ex of 5 years is back on tinder a week after breaking up with me. We had a kind and respectful relationship and he had said he would take a long time before being able to move on. I think he may have checked out a long time ago but kept saying future affirming things which masked a lot of his behaviour in the lead up. He has technically done nothing wrong in terms of timing but how do I move on from this and the feeling of being so replaceable? 

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