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Ask Uncut - The Patriarchy F*cked Up Our Buttons

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Episode notes

Hey Lifers,

Which side are your buttons on? A fun fact Laura brought up will have half of you interested and the other half wondering why guys, why?
Britt has had botox in her skull to try and treat her migranes.
We spoke a bit about how invalidating invisible conditions can make you feel. 
If you'd like to listen to the episode with Bridget Hustwwaite, it's here Living With Endo - Uncut with Bridget Hustwaite

Vibes for the week:
Britt: sunday supply co beach loungers

Keeshia: Sound sleep mask

Laura: John Plunkett Superfade cream

Then we jump into your questions:

  • Is it okay to brush your teeth when you’re on the toilet? For a little context, when my boyfriend got out of the shower last night, he dried off, then proceeded to start brushing his teeth. When I got out of the shower, he was sitting on the toilet, doing a number 2, whilst still brushing his teeth. Surely that is not an okay thing to do

  • Can you make a relationship work when incomes are so different? My partner is wonderful; thoughtful, kind, funny - everything! But he earns a lot less than me with no desire to earn more. I’m worried this is going to cause resentment and issues over time (like with kids and holidays etc)

  • I’m in a happy marriage to my husband (dating for 8 years, married for 2). We are both in our early 30s, have good jobs, have done a bit of travel and have recently bought our first home. We would both like to have kids at some point. We have watched as other friends and family have had kids and it seems to add chaos and complexity to all areas of your life. When life is so good at the moment it feels kind of crazy to turn everything upside down by having kids but it also feels like “the right time” in our life (plus biological clock of course) but I’m scared I will miss this period of life where it is just me and my husband and life is so easy

  • I met this guy out and never got his number. He said he's not on social media. I looked on social media with no luck. I googled his name and found his linkedin. Can I message him or does this come across as incredibly stalkerish? 

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