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Will flexible workspace franchisors maintain momentum, with Paula Mercer of Venture X

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The coworking space is one of franchising’s newest trends, and brands that have managed to perfect the essentials that workers want from these flexible sites are seeing returns that would make even the most established F&B frontrunners enviable. They may require hefty initial fees – which can climb to over $1m just to get started – but this sector shows no signs of stopping.  

Venture X is one competitor within the space that has managed to go from strength to strength since its 2012 founding. After joining the United Franchise Group in 2016 to begin franchising its concept, Venture X now has over 45 locations open around the world, with a total of 130 in development.  

But what is Venture X doing that its competitors aren’t, and how is it ushering in the ‘coworking 3.0’ evolution? To learn more, we caught up with Paula Mercer, vice president of operations for Venture X. Paula has been with UFG for over a decade, and has seen this coworking powerhouse grow from an idea into an international staple. 

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