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Golf Beneath the Surface w/ Dr. Raymond Prior

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Episode notes

Dr. Raymond Prior joins the podcast to talk about how to view success as a golfer, preparing for important rounds, how to improve as a coach, goal-setting, moving on from bad shots, self-awareness, tracking mental game improvement, making swing changes, staying focused, and believe it or not, much more.


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Episode chapters:

2:40 Dr. Raymond Prior

12:30 How to improve as a coach

17:00 Deeper level psychology

21:48 The window of success

29:19 It's NOT just another round of golf

31:38 How to approach an important round

35:12 How to approach huge goals

38:07 You can't lie to yourself

39:09 How to move on from a bad shot

50:14 Self-Awareness

53:33 Tracking mental game improvement

57:45 Perfectionism

1:01:59 Should mental training be mandatory?

1:07:38 How do you stay patient during a swing change?

1:09:59 How do you stay focused during a round of golf?

1:14:21 What things slow down progress?

1:17:22 What do high performers do differently?

1:21:22 What percent of golf is mental and what percent is physical?

1:22:50 Dr. Raymond Prior

1:24:14 The Mental Golf Show


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