The Body Protest

Unbuttoning our jeans and eating fruit crumble

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Episode notes

Body protesters! We are back! Well almost.... S4 is coming soon but we wanted to pop and say hi. We talk about some reflections on food and bodies from the past 18 months or so as well as 'fat fishing' and fashion. ALSO! Come see us IRL at Cheltenham Festival, Montpellier Gardens on October 9th at 2.30pm - tickets are FREE - just show up. You know the deal, if you enjoy the show please remember to rate, review, share and subscribe and let us know who you would love to hear on the pod.   Honey and Nadia x x x   We are on Instagram: @honeykinny @nadia.craddock   Episode produced and edited by Daisy Grant Productions Music by Eve Garland Cover art by Erin Keen  

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