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Poses poses and more poses with Bronze Abloh Starr Khonsu

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This week is our final episode before we slip into festive season hibernation, but don't you worry, it's of course a very juicy one to tide you over until January rolls round. Honey and Nadia talk to the effervescent Bronze Abloh Starr Khonsu. Bronze gives us a whistlestop history lesson into their understanding of ballroom but as Bronze said, gather your information from as many resources as possible - watching Paris is Burning and Pose is a good starting point after listening to this conversation. We talk about the ballroom scene and voguing, queer community/family, life drawing, tattoos, depression

CW. Drugs, suicide ideation, self-harm

No knowledge noodle this week! Wishing everybody a safe and happy festive season, we'll back after the holidays!

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