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Prioritising Pleasure with Self-Esteem / Rebecca Lucy Taylor

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Hi Body Protestors! it's our Season finale, and we're ending with a very special episode - Honey and Nadia chat with Pop Star extraordinaire Self Esteem, Rebecca Lucy Taylor. Prioritise Pleasure has been lauded as the top album of 2021 by a multitude of publications, and rightly so - it's a rallying cry to stop dimming your light to make others comfortable. Rebecca wants to show people (esp. women) that there’s another way outside of patriarchal norms and expectations Rebecca talks to us about her career, the moments that helped shape her relationship with herself, queer identity and trusting your creative instincts. We discuss The power of vulnerability and the importance of therapy. We adore this episode and we hope you do too!

No Knowledge Noodle this week, instead we have a wonderful clip of Self Esteem, playing us out! See you for season five, and thank you for joining us!

TW: Sexual assault

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