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George Osborne: London closed but hope is open; Rory Stewart on firmer action needed; & Dr Frost Maths

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Episode notes

The Evening Standard newspaper has been standing beside the public for 193 years. We’ve continued to distribute through pandemics, disasters and wars - even during the Blitz in WW2. The paper’s Editor George Osbourne speaks to The Leader podcast about what will be done to make sure you are kept informed during the coronavirus epidemic - and why it’s so vital.

You can also read his full column here.

Rory Stewart: Universal Basic Income needed now

The UK government has taken unprecedented steps in an attempt to slow the spread of coronavirus. But Rory Stewart, who ran against Boris Johnson in a campaign to become conservative leader, argues in an op-ed for the Evening Standard that even more agressive action - including universal basic income - is needed now to save lives. Mr. Stewart joins The Leader podcast to explain the steps he says we must take now, regardless of the cost.

Home education

Following the government’s decision to close schools in the UK, parents are preparing for their children to be at home, from Friday, indefinitely. Which means home schooling. But how exactly do you do it? The Leader podcast is joined by Jamie Frost who runs who offers his advice for parents who now have a responsibility to help their child with learning at home.

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