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Episode 208: Get Your Best Sleep Ever, Starting Tonight with Morgan Adams

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Episode notes

Morgan Adams is a holistic sleep coach for women who struggle with getting a good night's sleep consistently. Her goal is to help women feel better and live better, and the key to both begins with a good night's sleep. Morgan is also a former insomniac who spent almost a decade using prescription sleeping pills despite knowing that her overall sleep quality suffered. She’s also a two-time breast cancer survivor who advocates for a lifestyle of disease prevention and integrating holistic strategies for cancer treatment. Key Topics: - Why 8 hours of sleep might not be right for everyone - What kind of wind-down routine we need for great sleep - Morning routines are more impactful than anything else - The magic of a morning walk - Why you don’t have to give up your screens before bed - The two most powerful interventions to help you sleep better - The downside to sleep medications - How to avoid middle-of-the-night wakeups For a sleep clarity call with Morgan or her free course, go to Sponsor: Head to and use the code spark to get up to 39% off and up to $300 off plus a free 3 year warranty on any model!