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How to be 88% Happy with Dr. Marissa Pei

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Episode notes

If you want to try out some ideas and actions to push your average happiness up to 88%, we have the conversation for you. 
Our guest this week is Dr. Marissa Pei.  She’s been through the shit and she’s here to tell you that you CAN be happy - at least 88% of the time.  
Dr. Marissa, as we call her, or the Asian Oprah as Dr. Bernard Beckwith of Secret fame called her - to Oprah’s face - has a Ph.D in organizational psychology.  Dr. Marissa literally wrote the book on Organization Development & Consulting with Dr. Fred Massarik and her consulting work has helped hundreds of Fortune 500 companies become more inclusive and successful. Now her focus is on “splattering more hope and happiness through speaking, writing, and promoting a variety of Life Balance Topics including How to be Happy 88 percent of the Time. Dr. Marissa’s popular syndicated talk radio show “Take My Advice, I’m Not Using It” is broadcast nationwide on I Heart Radio AND has reached well over ½ a million downloads on ITunes and YouTube. 
Dr. Marissa wrote the bestselling book, 8 Ways to Happiness from Wherever You Are, as well as “Mommy, What Are Feelings?” an interactive children’s book illustrated by her daughters, which has been recognized for helping autistic children express their feelings. 
Dr. Marissa is clearly a woman of “plugged in” intelligence. She zeroed in on Charles’s issues right from the start and put him through an unscheduled mini session that was both helpful and surprising.
Because we can’t not, we also venture beyond the personal growth arena to talk about and push back against the wave of anti-Asian violence we’ve been seeing in the US. Dr. Marissa’s early life was marked by intolerance and she has some choice words for and key ideas about the racism bubbling up in our communities. 

So listen on to get energized, inspired, empowered and 88% happy with the fabulous Dr. Marissa Pei.

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