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How to Make Sustainable Choices - A conversation with Sustainability Coach, Sara Zellner

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Episode notes

Hello, H.tties. In Season 3 of the HERE.together podcast we’re obsessed with the the big question - [fanfare] Can we live together sustainably? And if so, HOW?

Over the next year we’re gonna curate conversations with the people who are living in ecovillages, designing new cities, inventing new (or unearthing old) household tech, and who are at the forefront of sustainability science to get answers for ourselves and for you.

That’s why we’re really excited to interview Sara Zellner early in the season. Sara has been helping organizations AND families answer the big question.

She is an entrepreneur on a mission to help individuals and businesses align their priorities with their values to create positive change. (YOu know we are suckers for values alignment!) She is the founder and owner of Saz Healthy Living, which provides sustainable living, health, and wellness coaching, and is the principal CEO of Lynz Consulting LLC, which specializes in corporate responsibility; environmental, social, and governance (ESG); and sustainability consulting. PhD-trained, Sara uses her research and coaching skills to delve into her clients’ vexing issues and assist them in reaching their goals.

In this episode, Sara lays out the three most important steps individuals and families can take to reduce their carbon footprint (and, incidentally, become more physically healthy). She also runs us through the most common blocks to personal sustainable change and some support about how to get past them. 

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