How We Got Here / Dr Amy Kavanagh

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Episode notes

How to sight-guide for a visually impaired friend when you use a wheelchair… In the season finale, we speak to the activist and Twitter sensation Dr Amy Kavanagh. Amy created the hashtag #JustAskDontGrab and started a global discussion of the non-consensual everyday touching that disabled people endure. In this episode, Amy teaches Katie how to sight-guide from her wheelchair as they take the bus from Angel to Kings Cross, with only one hiccup along the way… Amy talks to Katie about language, identity, and how finally allowing herself to use a white cane has bought her happiness (and less bruising). Produced and hosted by Katie Pennick, bought to you by Transport for All (TfA). TfA is fighting for inclusive transport systems and accessible streets for all, and needs the voices of disabled people to join the cause. If you fancy getting involved, sign up as a member by visiting our website,