A Frightful Fret with Melysette

Season II Premiere of A Frightful Fret

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Episode notes

Welcome to Season II of A Frightful Fret where we bring you a very special episode. Tonight we welcome Cagen Luse of the upcoming event Comics in Color, podcaster/rapper Ro Rockwell and rocker Weston Cage Coppola of the band Archduo and we discuss a broad range of topics from spirituality to food - Check out my article on Archduo at the Hyphen Podcast Group   This week's episode is sponsored by BuddyBroham.com  Opening and closing credit music by Kuma da Grizzly   A Frightful Fret is a production of The Hyphen Podcast Group  Find Melysette on social media @melysette  A Frightful Fret merch available at Tee Spring