The Naked Farmers Podcast

By Sophie Love
We all need to eat. Every day. Whether you are omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, the human body still needs food. Which means that farmers are essential to our lives. But who are the people who grow and raise food & fibre in Australia? How is it grown? What are the misconceptions, controversies, points of contention between eaters and growers? We ask all these questions and more as we endeavour to build a bridge from the country to the city and help people who like to eat understand the processes and people involved in the food on their plate and the clothes on their back. We don't shy away from the hard or controversial and we paint a picture of life on the land with every guest farmer, exploring all the different ways of farming in this wide brown land, the challenges of climate change & drought and the changing faces of both eating and farming. Come along for the ride!

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