Going for Goal

Why You’re Probably Doing HIIT Wrong + How To Maximise Its Benefits

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You’ll likely know well the multiple fitness benefits of incorporating high intensity interval training - better known as HIIT - into your workout regime. There's the improved cardio-respiratory health boosted fat burn, as well as the fact this most intense and sweaty of exercise need only last a short while. It’s these perks - and that it requires next to no equipment, and minimal amounts of space - that have drawn so many of you to HIIT during the pandemic as you keep fit from the confines of bedrooms and gardens bedrooms and gardens. But, as the gyms draw us back with their wide range of classes and shiny weights areas, is it time to reconsider? Because - as you’ll learn - there can be too much of a good thing. In today’s episode, our digital fitness writer Morgan Fargo speaks to Luke Worthington, a personal trainer and sports scientist, as well as personal trainer and two-time WH cover star Alice Liveing, about how to find that all important healthy balance and fun when it comes to workouts. They discuss what HIIT is, as well as what people commonly get wrong - including that if you’re going too hard, for too long, it will not only place you at increased risk of injury but may also sabotage your body composition goals. Listen to find out how to do HIIT right in your exercise schedule, so that it works well for you. Because as Alice and Luke both say, fitness should be something that has a positive impact on your emotional wellbeing - that makes you feel really good.   Join Alice Liveing on Instagram: @aliceliveing Join Luke Worthington on Instagram: @lukewtraining Join Morgan Fargo on Instagram: @morganfargo Join Women's Health UK on Instagram: @womenshealthuk   Like what you’re hearing? We'd love if you could rate and leave us a review on Apple Podcasts, as it really helps other people find the show. Also, remember to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, so you’ll never miss an episode.   Got a goal in mind? Shoot us a message on Instagram putting ‘Going for Goal’ at the start of your message and our experts could be helping you achieve your health goal in an upcoming episode. Alternatively, you can email us: [email protected]  

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