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Candice Brathwaite: Activating 'Miss Trunchbull' Mode to Get Runs Done is a Form of Self Love

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This is our final episode in a very special series - powered by Nike - where we’re exploring all the many wonderful things that running can do for you, via chats with inspiring women. Today’s seriously energising guest - bestselling author, content creator and erstwhile marathon runner Candice Brathwaite - recently picked up running again, albeit shorter distances on her home treadmill. She runs to access what she calls 'tension'. By that she means a type of controllable struggle that encourages personal growth in all areas of life, which - in her words - she just can't get from any other form of fitness. Candice also discusses learnings from writing her latest book, YA fiction debut, Cuts Both Ways and why, when it comes to helping her daughter and stepdaughter enjoy a healthy relationship with fitness, she's leading by example - rather than telling them what to do. Oh, and if you're looking for the pep talk you need to stop standing in your own way and actually action those healthy habits, Candice shares *exactly* what she tells herself to get the thing done.

Candice is joined in the coaching clinic by Nike Run Coach and youth mentor Dora Atim (who we met in episode four) to get advice on how she can reach her number one running goal right now: to run a 5k in 25 minutes.

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