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Mission Confidence: Alice Liveing and WH’s Claire Sanderson on Building Ageless Confidence + Finding Strength on the Inside

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Episode notes

Welcome to Mission Confidence, a special edition of the Going For Goal podcast sponsored by Philips that’s designed to help you on your body confidence journey. This podcast has been created as part of our Project Body Love initiative, which is all about challenging the way we think, feel and speak about our bodies; embracing what makes us unique and putting an end to negative self-talk and embarrassment. Philips believe that hair removal should be a choice, and it looks different for everyone. If you do choose to remove your body hair, whether you prefer to take it all off or to tackle your legs, armpits or bikini line only, Philips has a range of hair removal tools to suit your needs. And on Mission Confidence, over four episodes and with the help of some very wise women, we’re going to be exploring confidence in its various facets and forms – with the goal of helping you tap into yours. On this final episode of Mission Confidence we’re looking specifically at ageless confidence with two women – one who’s 28, the other who’s 42 – who are both extremely passionate about the topic. They are Women’s Health editor-in-chief Claire Sanderson and three-time WH cover star and PT Alice Liveing. We discuss how confidence can evolve with age and experience – and how both women have noticed that, as they’ve gotten older, they’re better equipped to find confidence and strength from what’s inside – kindness, resilience, individuality, grit – rather than needing external validation to shore-up their self-esteem. Both seriously fit women discuss the confidence-fuelling power of a workout; why body hair, or the lack of it, doesn’t need to be a statement – and why using the Philips Lumea IPL device is a simple, pain-free solution for helping them achieve the smooth armpits and bikini line they, personally, prefer.   Join Alice Liveing on Instagram: @aliceliveing Join Claire Sanderson on Instagram: @clairesanderson Join Roisín Dervish-O’Kane on Instagram: @roisin.dervishokane https://www.instagram.com/roisin.dervishokane/ To find out more visit philips.co.uk  

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