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Travel through the ages - why adventure isn't just for young people

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Do you want to have more adventures but don't know where to begin, travel expert, author and YouTuber Lisa Niver is here to help! In this episode, Lisa discusses how you can make your travel dreams come true and have adventures through the ages, no matter your age or travel experience.

Adventure travel has long been advertised with pictures of bright-eyed and wrinkle-free young travellers sporting heaving backpacks and tie-dye trousers, staying in $3-a-night hostels.

 But that’s not the full picture, plenty of people travel throughout the decades and while their travel style might change, their love of the road never falters. Whether you’re fresh out of university, a nine to fiver, or about to enter retirement, adventure should be for everyone.

If you’re considering broadening your travel horizons, setting out on your first travel trip, or wondering how to make friends on the road, then Lisa has some great advice for you. 

Lisa is an award-winning travel expert who has explored 102 countries and six continents. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, she worked on cruise ships for seven years and backpacked for three years in Asia.

She has a huge YouTube and TikTok following and is the founder of the website WeSaidGoTravel which is read in 235 countries and was named #3 on Rise Global’s top 1,000 Travel Blogs. 

Tune in and get ready to be inspired! 

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