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Travel disasters, off-beat adventures and why travel insurance is essential with Katie Crowe from battleface

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When we travel, we are bracing the unknown and the unfamiliar. We're casting aside our everyday routines and putting ourselves on the path of adventure and this isn’t without its risks. In this episode, I chat with Katie Crowe, Director of Communications, at Insurance company battleface about travel diasters, having off-beat adventures and why travel insurance is essential.

Learn more about planning a trip to lesser-known destinations and the challenges and risks involved as Katie and I swap travel disaster stories and chat about how to handle a crisis on the road.

With over twenty years of communications experience, Katie has worked on some of the world’s most exciting brands, on both global and local levels. At battleface, Katie implements her global expertise in strategy and messaging development, PR planning, media relations, crisis and issues support.

When she’s not being a communications superstar, Katie is travelling and leading a very active lifestyle and loves swimming, sailing, scuba diving and skiing and getting out for dog walks with her Chocolate Labrador puppy, Benji.

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