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Carbon audits and soil sampling: Preparing for Sustainable Farming with ScotGov

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Episode notes

Borders beef farmer Giles Henry regularly does soil sampling and carbon testing on his farm, and has done for many years. He tells Monty what he gets out of it, and how it feeds in to his business planning.

In April 2022, a Scottish Government incentive scheme was launched - to provide farmers and crofters with funds to support carbon audits and soil sampling.

Called Preparing for Sustainable Farming (PSF) – it aims to help farmers and crofters to better understand their carbon emissions and sequestration, identifying recommendations that can lower these emissions and increase efficiencies.

PSF is a straightforward ‘self-service’ with no registration or pre-approvals required. For full guidance and to find out if you’re eligible for support, visit: https://www.ruralpayments.org/topics/all-schemes/preparing-for-sustainable-farming--psf-/

This episode is produced in partnership with the Scottish Rural Network.