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Football chants you don't hear any more, with Elis James

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Episode notes

The Athletic's Adam Hurrey and Charlie Eccleshare are joined by comedian, actor and Swansea City fan Elis James for another edition of of 'Mesut Haaland Dicks'.

Among Elis's nominations are the curious cliché of The Kop "sucking the ball in" at Anfield, commentating over the top of his own goals at 5-a-side, the absurdly baggy sleeves of mid-1990s football shirts, and when TV and film just get football completely wrong.

Meanwhile, the Adjudication Panel also try to fathom why Dele Alli is the most popular name on football shirts in the US state of Vermont, the uncertain future of fans watching FA Cup ties from nearby trees and President-elect Joe Biden's metatarsal injury.

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