Football v Homophobia

How do we survive on 'Football Twitter' when it's so homophobic? An IDAHOBIT conversation

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Hundreds of millions of people worldwide are on Twitter and within that, there's 'Football Twitter' - the sizeable cohort of users who support their clubs fiercely, who comment on the latest news and gossip constantly, and who interact with just about anything to do with the game.

'Football Twitter' (or 'FT') has also become notorious for anti-LGBTQ+ abuse and discrimination. As the platform continues to grow in toxicity and reach, it appears to be an increasingly unpleasant place to hang out for anyone who loves football but doesn't fit the 'FT mould'.

On this episode of the FvH Podcast, we're joined by broadcaster and Arsenal YouTuber Sophie Nicolaou - aka @soccerdiva - and journalist and researcher Finbarr Toesland.

Sophie tells us about her own experiences of harassment and abuse from a noisy 'FT' minority - but she also explains how she's still able to find her tribe on Twitter.

Finbarr discusses the new report he's authored exploring how LGBTQ+ journalists - including football content creators - are being targeted on social media, and his recommendations to media organisations and brands. He feels they need to understand how and why abuse happens and the effect it has on individuals.

This episode, hosted and produced by Sports Media LGBT+'s Jon Holmes, is being released to coincide with the global awareness day IDAHOBIT (the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia) on May 17, and Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK.

Show your support for FvH! Activate the campaign in your football space - just head to for info, downloads and resources, and how to contact the FvH team.


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