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Pride and the Women's World Cup - Football Writers' Association x Sports Media LGBT+

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Episode notes

Lovers of the game are gearing up to go Down Under for the ninth FIFA Women's World Cup and with the tournament fast approaching, that's where our LGBTQ+ focus lies for a special Pride Month episode.

For the third consecutive year, the podcast is celebrating the Football Writers' Association's support for Sports Media LGBT+, with both organisations keen to send out the message that the football media industry welcomes everyone.

Joining host Jon Holmes for this chat are four fellow journalists - together they'll waltz you through a queer history of the WWC, selecting highs and lows, heroes and villains from past tournaments, before looking ahead to Australia and New Zealand 2023. On the pod...

  • ESPN's Sophie Lawson, on the sometimes problematic but often wholesome storytelling that accompanies a WWC - follow @lawson_sv
  • Júlia Belas, from The Guardian's Moving the Goalposts newsletter, on Brazil's trinity of trailblazers - follow @july_bt
  • ABC's Samantha Lewis on the impact made by Michelle Heyman and how the Matildas can make their many fans truly proud - follow @battledinosaur
  • Also with us from Sydney, freelancer and FvH Award nominee Steven Poletti on the marvel that is Megan Rapinoe and how coverage of women's football in Oz is changing for the better - follow @PolettiSteven

The FWA welcomes industry professionals and students as members, while Sports Media LGBT+ can help you on inclusion, networking and content creation. Reach out for advice and connections!

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