The Investor's Guide to China

The Investor's Guide to China: Regulation (#10)

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Episode notes

Regulation in China is nothing new. But anyone observing the financial headlines in recent years, and certainly over recent months, will have noted a real pick up in regulatory activity that has affected some of China’s biggest and most dynamic companies. So, how should investors think about this regulatory new normal? Which sectors align with the country’s new strategic goals and ultimately stand to benefit? And how is all of this likely to impact the quality and quantity of economic growth in the world’s second biggest economy?

To discuss this recent wave of regulatory action in China, Paras Anand, Global Chief Investment Officer for Asia Pacific, is joined by two of Fidelity’s Hong Kong-based investment team: Dale Nicholls, a Portfolio Manager with a focus on China, and Asia Fixed Income Investment Director, Vanessa Chan. With additional contributions from Fidelity’s Tina Tian, Analyst and Portfolio Manager, David Cochrane, Equity Analyst, Ming Gong, Senior Credit Analyst and Portfolio Manager, and Catherine Yeung, Investment Director.


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