Might Delete Later

Ep 19: Aja Barber

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Episode notes

In the penultimate episode of the series, Aja Barber – writer, fashion consultant and sustainable fashion guru – joins Gina and Stevie to talk Twitter pile-ons and working with the former First Lady. 👉🏼Remember you can find all posts discussed on Instagram @mightdeletelaterpod and we're on twitter too @mightdeletepod. Follow Aja on Instagram @ajabarber and Twitter @AjaSaysHello Join Aja’s Patreon at patreon.com/ajabarber Follow Gina on Instagram @ginamartin and Twitter @ginamartinuk Following Stevie on Instagram @5tevieM and Twitter @5tevieM Want to help us make more episodes? Support Might Delete Later at https://supporter.acast.com/mightdeletelater Hosted by Gina Martin and Stevie Martin. Photo by Joe Magowan. Artwork by Zoe Harrison. Recorded and edited by Ben Williams. Produced by Plosive Productions.  

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