Might Delete Later

Ep 18: Henry James Garrett

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Episode notes

Stevie and Gina are joined by illustrator, writer and creator of the brilliant Instagram account formerly known as Drawings of Dogs, Henry James Garrett. They chat about comparing yourself to others online, putting yourself out there in the first place and drawings of dogs (obviously). 👉🏼Remember you can find all posts discussed on Instagram @mightdeletelaterpod and we're on twitter too @mightdeletepod. Follow Henry on Instagram @henryjgarrett and Twitter @henryjgarrett Pre-order Henry's book This Book Will Make You Kinder Follow Gina on Instagram @ginamartin and Twitter @ginamartinuk Following Stevie on Instagram @5tevieM and Twitter @5tevieM Hosted by Gina Martin and Stevie Martin. Photo by Joe Magowan. Artwork by Zoe Harrison. Recorded and edited by Naomi Parnell Produced by Plosive Productions.  

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