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Togo: Resisting Authoritarian Rule

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We're joined by Farida Nabourema, a Togolese human rights activist, writer and Pan-Africanist who has fought for democracy in her country since her teenage years. Farida founded the "Faure Must Go" movement in 2011, where she organised Togolese youths to stand against the dictatorial regime of the Gnassingbés. The movement captures the civil resistance movement in Togo, of which Nabourema is one of the most well-known leaders. In 2014 she published her book La Pression de l'Oppression, encouraging resistance from those who are oppressed. In 2018, Time Magazine listed Farida as one of the Four Crusaders Keeping the Dream of Democracy Alive and in 2021, Apolitical named her among the 100 Most Influential People in Gender Policy.

In this episode we discuss Farida's lived experience under the Gnassingbé regime, the changing face of social media as a tool for activism and the West's oppressive policies within the African continent.

You can view Farida's TED talk here. You can follow her on Twitter: @Farida_N and purchase her book here

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