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S4 E11 The Trap - for World Gratitude Day

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Episode notes

Season 4 of the Grow Your Mind Podcast includes some bite-sized morsels of gold. These mini episodes are under 5 minutes during which two kids unpack a dilemma or the ethics of an idea. And in this episode the kids are tackling how to get out of a trap. And for all those “Alone” or Bear Grylls enthusiasts, we’re sorry to report this trap isn’t a physical one. Instead it’s a mind trap - the if and then trap. It is however just as tricky to get out of as quicksand or a narrow cave! But luckily, we have some suggestions. Need a hint? Well this bite-size was created for World Gratitude Day on September 21, 2023. 

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Script - Alice Peel
Production, editing & sound - Lisa Taylor

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