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S4 E6 Would You Rather - For World Environment Day

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Episode notes

This World Environment Day, we've brought back a favourite episode. In 'Would You Rather', we’re asking the BIG questions like, would you rather sing all your sentences for a week or wake up at 5am every morning and eat brussel sprouts for five days in a row!?

The kids have also invented a machine to solve ALL of our environmental problems and there’s some great suggestions on how to do your bit for the environment. You see, taking these small steps isn’t just brilliant for Mother Earth, but it’s also a superpower for your mental health. 

Additional resources 

Download a printable copy of the advocacy postcard mentioned in this episode or get a free student reflection journal to further enhance the messaging of our episodes. There's also a free colouring-in sheet for students or kids to colour in while they listen.


Script - Alice Peel
Production, editing & sound - Lisa Taylor

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