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S4 E8 The Recipe - For World Friendship Day, July 30

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Episode notes

Season 4 of the Grow Your Mind Podcast includes some bite-sized morsels of gold. These mini episodes are under 5 minutes during which two kids unpack a dilemma or the ethics of an idea. This bite-size, the kids are talking about friendships and how they can sometimes be unhealthy. ‘The Recipe’ is the kid’s solution to maintaining respectful relationships. Together they come up with a list of ingredients for a healthy, feel-good friendship.

Guess what? Recent research by the University of Queensland found that women who have quality relationships in their 40s and 50s are less likely to develop multiple chronic conditions in older age. And in 2010, a meta-analysis by Holt Lunstad found that people with well established social connections had lower rates of heart disease, lower blood pressure, less abnormal inflammatory responses to stress, and lower rates of dementia. So let’s teach our kids how to have, keep and nurture healthy friendships.

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Script - Alice Peel
Production, editing & sound - Lisa Taylor

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