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8.7 Cheers to Child-Free and Sober Living with Ruby Warrington

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Episode notes

In today's episode, I have the privilege of sitting down with the incredible Ruby Warrington, a best-selling author whose journey is nothing short of inspiring. Ruby's books, 'Sober Curious' and her latest release 'Women Without Kids,' delve deep into the profound decisions that we often grapple with in our lives, particularly when it comes to the intricate path of motherhood.

In this heartfelt conversation, Ruby generously shares her personal odyssey, taking us on a transformative journey that encompasses two of her most significant life questions. We explore her decision to embrace sobriety and her journey into mysticism, a path that led her to critically examine the role of children in her own life.

Ruby opens up about those pivotal moments when she came to the realisation that her relationship with alcohol no longer served her spiritual growth. She candidly describes the shift from seeking solace in it to acknowledging that it conflicted with her true self, which is something I deeply relate to.

Our discussion delves deep into Ruby's journey of self-discovery, where she courageously confronts her decision to remain child-free. She reflects on her upbringing and the complex dynamics within her family environment, shedding light on how they influenced her perspective.

As we journey through her twenties, Ruby shares her thought-provoking experiences, marked by internalising societal pressures to become a mother. We ponder the rise of feminism in a predominantly masculine world and the influence it may have had on our own perceptions of motherhood and femininity. Questions arise: Can we maintain autonomy and pursue a career while being devoted mothers? Are we enough if we choose not to have children? Should we attempt to make ourselves want children to fit societal norms?

Ruby takes us through her emotional yet liberating quest to answer these profound questions, ultimately leading her to write 'Women Without Kids.' This remarkable book provides much-needed balance and insight into the multifaceted aspects of this pivotal life choice.

Throughout our conversation, Ruby offers sage advice to those wrestling with the complex and deeply personal decision of motherhood. She emphasises the importance of embracing a more balanced perspective and underscores that there is no one-size-fits-all answer. This episode is a testament to Ruby's journey and her unwavering commitment to empowering women to make choices that authentically align with their true selves.

You can find Ruby on Instagram or at her website.


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