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The Year Ahead: A Wine Lover's Wish List

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Episode notes

So what do we all want from wine in the year ahead? What's top of our wish list for wine in 2023?

For some it's drinking better (or simply more) wine. If possible, for less money.

Others are hoping Pinot Noir proves to be a miracle cure and will be prescribed by doctors...

More realistically, combating climate change, responsible political engagement with wine and an end to the war in Ukraine inevitably feature.

And what of no-alcohol wine? The rise of organic and biodynamic viticulture? The quest for fresher wines, with moderate alcohol? Greater diversity and inclusivity in wine? Wine in cans? The growth of English wine? A return to travel? Wines with 'added value' (and less marketing nonsense)? And supporting independent wine merchants?

In this frank, opinionated episode, we take in a whole host of views from around the world and also hear from Master Sommelier Gearoid Devaney, wine writer Libby Brodie and Master of Wine Peter McCombie, among others.

Somehow, we also touch on poor taste in jumpers, serendipity, Damp January, the wine fountain of Irache, undies and their openings - and algorithms.

This episode paves the way for the subsequent programme entitled: How to Be a Better Wine Lover.

All details from this episode (including links we mentioned) are on our website: Show notes for Wine Blast S4 E9 - The Year Ahead: A Wine Lover's Wish List

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Either way, thanks for joining us - and cheers to you!