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Ep. 468. The Sunday 7 – La Palma Lava, Superhuman Immunity, Rocks and Rover on Mars, does Low Quality Food make you fat?

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Episode notes

Today's episode includes the following guests:

  • Dr Amy Donovan, Geography Department, University of Cambridge
  • Assistant Professor Jack Tseng, UC Berkeley
  • Professor Paul Knoepfler, UC Davis School of Medicine
  • Professor Paul Bieniasz, Rockefeller University
  • Professor Lucas C. Parra, The City College of New York
  • Dr Lori Glaze, Planetary Science Division Director, NASA
  • Jessica Samuels, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Ehab Sayed, Founder and Director of Innovation at Biohm
  • Dr David Ludwig, Professor of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health 

It also contains references to the following article -

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