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Episode notes

Originally in the calendar for June, the official Negroni Week got shifted to September due to this flippin’ virus. But since none of us can get to a bar, Ben & Tom decided to give it a dose of love regardless. In this week’s extra pod then, learn more about the quality cocktail, its Italian provenance, dubious origins, and how to mix one. Then drink them all week. And again in September. Drink less, drink better though.

For a Negroni you’ll need...

Gin: Ben and Tom mention a strong punchy gin like Plymouth Navy Strength as mentioned in the Devon Pod, £39.75 at The Whisky Exchange

Or try Millers Westbourne Strength. Available for £34.95 at the The Whisky Exchange

Cocchi Vermouth di Torino is £19.95 at The Whisky Exchange

And the essential Campari, £17.25 at The Whisky Exchange