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Halloween Retrospective #10: Halloween II (2009)

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Episode notes

A return to 2018 (oh, those carefree, carefree days) this episode, as we release the second-to-last of our series of Halloween franchise reviews recorded in that year, with our look at Rob Zombie's sequel to his own remake.  Usual suspects Dan and Howard are joined by regular Halloween guests Spider-Dan (who at the time of recording was only just starting his own illustrious podcast) and actor, writer and sometime Michael Myers, Luke Richards.  But what will be their verdict?  As if you can't guess.


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Halloween II (2009) is available on DVD, Blue-Ray or rental streaming via Amazon or YouTube.  It can also be streamed for free to members of Shudder

Spider-Dan is on Twitter and his podcast's website is here

Luke Richards is also on Twitter: follow him to learn more about his Halloween fan film, One Night in Haddonfield

Don't Breathe is showing on Film4 in the UK at 11.15pm on Saturday 27th March

The Battersea Poltergeist podcast is still available for download here and begins broadcasting every weekday at 11.30pm on Radio 4 from Monday 29th March

The Guest is showing on Sony Movies in the UK at 11.20pm on Tuesday 30th March

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