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Episode notes

How empowered do you feel when it comes to your pleasure?

In this week’s episode of the #LiveWellBeWell podcast, we’re speaking to Bibi Brzozka.  She’s a VITA certified Love, Sex and Relationship Coach, Holistic Sexuality International Speaker and Energetic Lovemaking Guide. After 15 years in Finance and Banking, she took the leap and embarked on a personal growth journey into sexuality and experienced her first full-body orgasm at age 35.

We loved this episode as it’s all about empowering ourselves to tap into intimacy, teaching us how to improve our relationships as well as our pleasure - whether solo or partnered.

This episode as well as Bibi’s courses on her website are focussed on opening your heart and mind on this topic, connecting them to the experiences we have and want to have and also, to our pleasure. It’s also about changing our sometimes skewed mindsets from the social narratives we’re fed and instead, encouraging conversations around these topics which are often seen as “taboo” or “awkward” even when between close friends and partners. Bibi shares advice and tips around recognising and undoing any shame you might feel around this topic – a common issue for a lot of us.

We discuss conscious sexuality, what it is, how to explore it and also reframe what sex is. We’ll also discuss orgasms, the different types there are, tips to help you achieve full-body orgasms, and the pleasure and intimacy that goes beyond orgasms.

Do you have self-love practice? Great if you do, but if you don’t, don’t worry as we’ll also discuss how we can create those practices - we’ve got you! It all starts with the self, right?

Finally, we also learn how we can improve connections with our partners, tips for bringing up what can sometimes feel like awkward conversations with partners, and how to articulate wants and desires to them, as we go through some exercises with Bibi.

After this episode, you will definitely have tools that will help you to take control and feel empowered when it comes to your pleasure.

Happy listening!

Show Notes 

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