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Reframing pain for osteoarthritis with A/Prof Tasha Stanton

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On this week's episode we discuss reframing pain in the context of osteoarthritis. The purpose of today’s conversation is to help you reconceptualise what pain means and shift the dialogue from pain being solely a marker of tissue damage and discusses the nervous system adaptations that occur as pain persists. Further we discuss education programs that target this knowledge and the beliefs that may underlie behaviours that detract from your ability to be physically active and modify your behaviour.

Associate Professor Tasha Stanton leads the Osteoarthritis Research Theme within IIMPACT in Health at the University of South Australia, Adelaide. Her research group is affiliated with the Body in Mind Research group in Adelaide (University of South Australia).

Tasha completed her PhD at the University of Sydney in 2010 and is currently a National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Career Development Fellow (2019-2022). She has received over $5.3m in competitive research funding to date, including a highly renowned Canadian Institute of Health Research Postdoctoral Training Fellowship (2011-2014) and NHMRC Early Career Fellowship (2014-2018). Her research aims to understand why we have pain and why, sometimes, pain doesn't go away.


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