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50 Who Wears The Trousers?

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Episode notes

Hello, how are you? Most of us have been living life in lockdown in elasticated waistbands, slouchy sweatshirts and no bra. Our bodies will go into shock the next time we put on a pair of jeans, or suit and tie! Today Sandi is pondering the clothes we wear and what is deemed acceptable attire for women. It's very difficult to ride a bike in skirts and corset - let alone fight the patriarchy, But who decided that women shouldn't wear the trousers and which countries have been the slowest in allowing the freedom of allowing the female species to don a pair of strides?  Most of us are beginning to wear 'normal' clothes again as we emerge into the new world, so Sandi is doing the same and will begin to ease this show. She'll take a break for a few days and release the last episode on Friday 4th July 2020 .... just in time for the pubs to reopen.  Until next week, take care ...We Will Get Past This.   

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