We Will Get Past This

52 Popping-In To Say 'Hello...

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Episode notes

Welcome back to Sandi's book of rooms! It's been a while, so Sandi thought it high-time to check-in and see how you're doing, and what a welcome sight that is as we find ourselves in lockdown part 2 of 2020.  In this one-off episode, Sandi explores the date of 12th November, which happens to be the day that gave birth to the World Wide Web and changed our lives forever. We also learn who Pudge Heffelfinger was, that Emperors shouldn't be called 'Michael', and that blowing-up a whale is never a good idea.  We also, as usual, will hear about some amazing women the history books have neglected to document - so thank heavens that Sandi has written her own almanac - inspired to do so by this very series.  So sit back and relax once more in the warm glow ... you were missed.    

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