We Will Get Past This

44 It Has All Been Most Interesting

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Episode notes

Hello there, how are things with you? What are you up to whilst you listen to these podcasts? Walking? Running? Nothing at all?  Perhaps you're using them as an accompaniment to getting household tasks done? Even though we're spending more time at home right now, it doesn't make housework any more appealing than it did before, but as Sandi points-out today; being house-proud didn't create penicillin.  Sandi would much rather spend her time in her room of books, than with a hoover in her hand - which many of us can relate to - and all of us are grateful for, as it's this priority which allows We Will Get Past This to happen.  So, however you choose to listen, whether it's to enhance a boring task, or relish in some 'me time', don't forget ... We Will Get Past This.   

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