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51 Get Your Motor Running

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Episode notes

Hello there, hope you're doing OK? In this episode, we can practically hear the engine revving, as Sandi prepares to take to the road and enjoy the kind of freedom we could have only dreamed of in recent times.  In order to spend time with much missed family and to take a well earned break, this shall be the final episode in the current series of We Will Get Past This.  Today, Sandi thinks about the women who blazed a trail on the roads, allowing us the privilege of independence today - it's a privilege not lost on any of us right now. As always, we hear about women who have been forgotten - or worse, removed from the annals of history. Even the overlords of Wikipedia seem to feel strongly about which women should be included on their pages, feel free to change that opinion, because you are indeed free to do so, whenever you like.  But for now at least, Sandi bids a fond farewell and thanks you for stopping-by to say hello during these difficult few weeks and months. If you think you might miss these snippets of calm, why not go back and listen to them again - surely there will be things you would have forgotten?  You can also WATCH this series on Sandi's YouTube channel, Vox Toks.  Also, if you think a friend might benefit from the escapism of this series, then please do pass it along. Take care, be kind ...We Will Get Past This.   

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