We Will Get Past This

47 He's Still Trump In A Powdered Wig

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Episode notes

Hello there, fancy a beer? Well, it's 5pm somewhere in the world isn't it?  As much as it's nice to sit down for a refreshing tipple, a lot of women would have found their work loads vastly increased with having to look after children 24/7, as well as managing the home and probably a job too. The lion's share of domestic duties still always seems to fall on the female of the species, no wonder men are able to still dominate in just about every aspect of life, as they are free to pursue learning, ambitions and creativity.  Despite the imbalance, there are so many women who have innovated, invented and inspired - most of whom aren't given the credit for their endeavours, or dismissed altogether. As always, Sandi does her bit to redress this injustice and today's episode is no different.  Wouldn't it be marvellous if everyone could take this time to redress imbalance, admit mistakes and vow to be better?  Well, one can dream...but, We Will Get Past This.   

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