We Will Get Past This

47 Common Dust.

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Episode notes

Hello, come on in ... When Sandi says that at the start of each episode, doesn't it actually make you think that you're stepping-in to her room of books?  It's amazing the places one can travel to in the mind, and I'm sure many of us have imagined ourselves somewhere far-away and in easier times than the ones we see ourselves in now.  White people have always lived in an easier world than those with darker skin and much of history has been written by that white, privileged hand.  The history books need to be re-written to include the stories of black people in history and of those now, who are making it. Today, Sandi talks about some of the people who worked tirelessly for civil rights and who should be remembered for doing just that.  What a shame those in privilege still haven't learnt that sharing it doesn't mean there will be less to go round.  One day let's hope that ... We Will Get Past This.   

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