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The Tony Spencer Story (Part 2 of 4) - Counterfeiting and Drugs

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Episode notes

Whilst serving his prison sentence, he is the model prisoner and as he readies himself for release he indulges in the prison’s art classes. Is he turning a corner? Is this a new career path? Of course not, it's his next adventure, counterfeiting millions of American dollars and he uses the art as a guise for perfecting the production of cash notes. 

Within months of release Tony’s on the run from the Police. He meets Crystal and deceives her with his charm and lies. After capture, trial and conviction he is handed a lengthy prison sentence but Crystal remains loyal until he embarks on his plan for release - drugs. She cannot expose her family to this criminality and the marriage that was conducted within the prison walls ends in divorce.

The drugs business leads him to another trial but his charm is not lost on the jury. After acquittal he drinks with them and suspicions arise that the jury has been ‘nobbled’.


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